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Sales solutions - improving sales

Every spa, however successful, can improve sales and should always be looking at ways to attract more new

customers, maximise sales from existing customers and at the same time, encourage their loyalty, repeat

business and referrals from these customers.


As a Spa Consultant, Spa Partners will work with you to analyse your business, create a plan and give you some tools and ideas to help you find the customers you are looking for, retain them and increase their value to you. Here are some ideas to think about.


Sales Audit   What's working, what isn't? Are you maximising sales opportunities?

Beating the competition   Are you beating the competition?  What are you offering which is different or better than them?

Need more Spa Breaks?   Create profitable packages and promotions, working with the hotel

More Spa Days?   Find innovative ways of attracting more Spa Days, particularly midweek

Working with the 3rd Parties?  Help and advice on managing the numerous 3rd Party Spa Operators and Voucher Sites

More Members?  Plan and assist with new membership drive in your local area

Sales Incentives for the Team?   Create a personalised incentive scheme for the spa team to drive sales

To Sell more Products/Treatments?   Sales training for the teams, upselling, attracting repeat customers, selling retail

Training?   Maximising Sales Opportunities, Enquiry Handling, Effective Spa Showrounds

Coaching?   1:1 coaching for Spa Managers or Assistant Managers

Mystery Guest Visits or Calls?  Full report, feedback and recommendations provided

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